The Budderflyz game Edit

The buderflyz game is a "free to play" social hud based game in Second Life. The website for the game is

Well, everybody in Second Life is a social budderfly... your goal is to snap all of the types of budderflyz. The type of budderfly a person is depends on who they are, what day it is and where they are.

Wear the hud... walk around to different places and "snap" people. Click on the camera and it will list the people around you that you can snap. The colour of budderfly they are is revealed when you snap them.There are currently 62 types of budderflyz available: 24 Common, 12 Rare, 12 Super-rare,12 Exotic and 2 Endangered.. Certain places can be configured as special habitats and attract different types of budderflyz. When you find a new colour, you start off as level one in that colour. You will need increasingly more and more in that colour to level up to higher levels. Currently Endangered budderflyz can only be found through a quest.

You will receive incentive rewards when levelling every 5 levels starting when you reach an overall level 10. Your overall level is simply the sum of all of your individual budderfly levels. You can also purchase items in the store to aid you in your budderflyz hunt.

Read in Polish. (Polska wesja)


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